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Theater Porcelain Faces

Theater Porcelain Faces

Strange characters cast in porcelain are up for just about any project ideas you can imagine.


  • "Bernadette" is "oh so impressed" with herself that she's actually considering her own reality show.
  • "Pierre" is just an affable, easy going sort - doesn't feel that anything is worth getting too worked up about. 
  • "Georgio" is the strange one - a "he-she" (take your choice) he adds an intersting personality to the group.

And big "Oliver" runs herd on the lot - serious with a tendencyto make "mountains out of molehills", we worry about "Oli"

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A flat back makes them ideal for adding onto just about anything! 

Ideas, projects and other mental musings on paper, art & life can be found on our blog:



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